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CurcuminPro® a Rising Star in a Rising Industry


Delivering Curcumin at a Rate 42X the Competition, CurcuminPro® is Set to Lead one of the Top Selling Herbal Products in the U.S.

To take the lead as the most popular selling Curcumin supplement in the U.S., CurcuminPro’s® story starts and ends with one word: Biosolubility. CurcuminPro®achieves this by using a patent-pending process, that combines curcumin with an encapsulating natural protein.

By enveloping the curcumin in a protein, they have created a highly BioSoluble® and bioavailable curcumin delivery system, that is extremely potent and is estimated to deliver up to 25 times the amount of curcumin to the bloodstream than the unformulated standard.    

In fact, it is the #1 ranked curcumin in the U.S., in terms of its Biosolubility.


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