Mexican residents (127 million) are finding it hard to grasp that the US now has twice the consumption of Tequila that Mexico itself has. Wait until China gets their Sombreros & Tequila on!

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The tequila category has seen substantial growth, particularly in its high-end offerings. The tequila category is now known for luxury tequila offerings served in artisan cocktails, neat or on the rocks.

China Tequila
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto (r) and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping
And remember, the Chinese can’t make Tequila. So the industry doesn’t have to worry about corporate espionage or illegal dumping like in other industries. Unless of course, they try to buy out the Beckman’s who once had a near 30% market share. Or do some major land grab in Jalisco and/or directly acquire the family distillers who might entertain offers from deeper pockets to help them deal with a potential agave shortage. Nah.
Market Outlook

Since 2002, Tequila volumes have grown 140%, an average rate of 6.0% per year. In 2017 alone, 17.2 million 9-liter cases were sold.

How Tequila is Made.

Tequila Song, 19 Million Listens!

Another Tequila Song, 24 Million Listens.

Rockabilly Tequila?

They Even Like Tequila in China!

And a couple of our favorite rising stars, Comisario Tequila and Rock N Roll Tequila..

Comisario Tequila
Comisario Tequila
Rock N Roll Tequila
Rock N Roll Tequila

Learning Cuervo: Mexico Teaches China the Power of Tequila (WSJ).

Mexico has a grande dream to share more of its national treasure with China. And if it comes true, China could become the world’s largest home to hangovers.

The Mexican National Chamber of the Tequila Industry said recently in Beijing that it wants China to become the world’s largest tequila consumer in the next three to five years, China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported last week.

Sales of tequila in China this year are expected to reach $52.7 million, up 14% from a year earlier, according to market research firm Euromonitor, which said the U.S. is expected to down $5 billion worth of tequila this year.

(PS China is expected to grow to $450 Billion – not a misprint – in booze by 2021)
China’s Embrace of Tequila Affects Texas, Mexican Markets (TexasTribune).
International negotiations that have lifted a longtime ban on tequila in China will have big implications for Mexico — and are likely to benefit fledgling producers and distributors in Texas, too.
The Regulatory Tequila Council in Mexico estimates that in four years, China will become one of the world’s leading tequila consumers — ahead of Mexico and just below the U.S. Projections suggest that by 2018, tequila exports from Mexico will rise from just below $5 million in 2013 to $100 million, and Chinese consumers will drink about 10 million liters of tequila, the equivalent of five Olympic swimming pools.