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LQR House Repurchases 1,476,355 Shares in Ongoing Share Buy Back Initiative

MIAMI BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2023 / LQR House Inc. (the "Company" or "LQR House")...

Institutional Analyst Initiates Coverage on LQR House ‘the Liquor House’ (NASDAQ:...

LQR House (LQR) $0.09 Easily the Best and Most Interesting Company, We’ve Come Across During all of 2023.

LQR House Inc. Announces Pricing of $11 Million Public Offering

MIAMI BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 10, 2023 / LQR House Inc. (the “Company” or “LQR House”) (NASDAQ:LQR), today announced the...

LQR House Acquires CW Spirits, Online Liquor Retailer.

Country Wine and Spirits LQR House Strengthens Its Position by Acquiring Alcohol E-Commerce Platform, Enabling Direct Sales to Consumers

Adding LQR House Beverages (LQR) to the Watch List.

A Lot of Fast Moving Parts. A Lot of Studying to do.

Adding LQR House Beverages (LQR) to the Watch List

A Lot of Fast Moving Parts. A Lot of Studying to do. Simple story....

Good Spirits Distilling Launches its Wildly Popular ‘Gang Chu.’ The Latest...

Good Spirits' Soju is a light refreshing alternative to flavoured vodkas and seltzers with subtle sweetness, and 13.8% ABV.

The Alkaline Water Company (WTER) $0.27 Now Projects $20 Million in...

The Company Has Identified Approximately $5 Million in Additional Savings, Compared to Fiscal 2022, Once Fully Implemented Through Fiscal Year 2024

Again, The Alkaine Water (WTER) Reports Record Revenues.

The Alkaline Water Company Announces Preliminary Record Revenue Results for Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2023 The...

Top Beverage Companies for 2023 and Beyond.

Here’s Our Favorite Alcohol, Non-Alcohol and Exciting Privately Held Beverage Start-Ups. Chicago IL / Beverage News Wire /...


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