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James FC Hyde Whiskey @WeFunder.

james fc hyde

Pioneering a gluten-free, 100% American-grown sorghum “whiskey like no other”

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“Sorghum is the primary ingredient of history’s oldest and most popular spirit, Chinese Baijiu, and now we’re using it to make a brand new type of American whiskey the world has never tasted. James F.C. Hyde Sorgho® Whiskey’s unique combination of flavor and aroma notes delight the palate, whether neat, on the rocks, in classic cocktails like a Manhattan or to inspire new world class cocktails. But don’t just take our word for it–The Whiskey Wash gave us a 5/5 rating, a best in category.” Steve Vanechanos Executive Chairman

Our Ambition

To pioneer a new category of American whiskey that rivals bourbon and rye. We believe sorghum will revolutionize the liquor industry, and we plan to lead the charge. Our team is led by a world-renowned mixologist and business executives who have built multi-million dollar businesses. Sorgho Whiskey is already distributing in 10 states, including the 4 largest US spirits markets of CA, TX, FL and NY, and we’re planning to launch in 3 more major states this year.

This is JFCH’s third visit to crowdfunding with $700,000 successfully raised in prior visits.

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