As of today, September 21, 2018, CrowdfundInsider reports 44 FINRA approved Reg CF platforms as three new platforms have been added to the group.

As we recently reported, since the Reg CF industry went live in 2016 approximately $135.3 million has been raised under this securities exemption. A very small sum in the broader ecosystem of early-stage funding. Most of the money raised to date has been with the assistance of just a handful of platforms.

While regulators, elected officials, and other prognosticators expected rampant fraud under Reg CF – the opposite has been true. The exemption was so strict it completely undermined utilization.

In the end, policymakers should focus on making Reg CF the exemption of choice for the very best firms. Today, the most promising startups use Reg D as the compliance demands are less stringent and thus presents a far lower cost for companies raising capital. Additionally, this means only VCs and the very wealthy have access to these investment opportunities and smaller investors are cut off from the opportunity.

While the changes needed to improve Reg CF may be relatively simple to fathom there is little political will to make these improvements. Either due to benign neglect, ignorance, or opposition, access to capital for smaller and early stage firms remains a problematic policy issue.

Company Name URL City State
Avonto Cheyenne WY
Buy the Block NA Denver CO
CollectiveSun, LLC San Diego CA
Crowd Ignitiion New York NY
CrowdsourcedFunded Chicago IL
EnergyFunders Marketplace Houston TX
EnrichHER Funding, LLC Atlanta GA
Equifund Crowd Funding Portal Inc. Kanata ON
EquityBender Coronoa Del Mar CA
First Democracy VC (Indiegogo) Austin TX
Flashfunders Funding Portal Sherman Oaks CA
Funding Wonder Crowd Miami FL Murray UT
Fundpass San Francisco CA
Good Capital Ventures NA Massillon OH
Gridshare Portland OR
GrowthFountain Capital New York NY
Honeycomb Portal Pittsburgh PA
Hycrowd NA Jersey City NJ
Indie Crowd Funder Los Angeles CA
Jumpstart Micro Bedford MA
Ksdaq Los Angeles CA
Merging Traffic Portal llc Orlando FL
MinnowCFunding Pasadena CA
MiTec, PBC (Crowdfund Main Street) Fremont CA
NetCapital Funding Portal Lewes DE
NextSeed US Houston TX
NSSC Funding Portal (SmallChange) Pittsburgh PA
OpenDeal (Republic) New York NY
Razitall Basking Ridge NJ
SeedingVR, LLC Tuscon AZ
SI Portal (SeedInvest) New York NY
Silicon Prairie Holdings, Inc. St. Paul MN
Slice Capital Exton PA
Sprowtt Crowdfunding Tampa FL
Stampede cfp llc NA Honolulu HI
StartEngine Capital Los Angeles LA
StartWise San Carlos CA
STL Critical Technologies JV I, LLC (nvested) St. Louis MO
Thrivera Ventures Fund Cincinnati OH Irvine CA
Trucrowd Chicago IL
Venture Capital 500 Jacksonville FL
Wefunder Portal San Francisco

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