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Just Chill Featured in Washington Post.


Our Client Life On Earth’s (LFER) Healthy Hot Property Drink “Just Chill” Making Headlines Again. This time in the WP.

A recent press release suggested that a CBD powered Just Chill may be coming to a store near you!!

Relaxation drinks is a $249 million market according to IBIS.

I tried a dozen stress-relief snacks, tinctures and teas. So why am I still anxious? (Washington Post)

The reasons I’m stressed out are your reasons, too: too little time, and even less money. Deadlines. Relationships of all types. Aches and pains, insomnia. The general state of the world. It’s all a bit much, isn’t it?

I could use a drink. Not that kind of a drink. No, the drinks I’ve found myself chugging as if I were a college freshman on spring break don’t have any booze, but they do have adaptogenic mushroom powder. Or cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD. Or L-Theanine.

They might be called Neuro Bliss or Zenify, or have names that issue directives: Get Happy or Just Chill. (Funny, because typically, ordering someone to “Just chill” has the opposite effect.) There are candies and brownies, too, all marketed as calming or anxiety-alleviating, with detailed explanations of how the herbal supplements, amino acids or compounds within can put us at ease.

In the era of functional foods — where we eat not just for pleasure, but also to balance our gut flora and reduce inflammation — we expect what we eat and drink to heal our bodies. Now, we want it to soothe our troubled minds, too.

You probably didn’t need a study to tell you Americans are stressed, but there are plenty. According to Gallup, about 8 in 10 of us are stressed out. The American Psychological Association’s 2018 annual stress study found millennials and Generation Z have the highest reported levels of stress. While work and money were top stressors, 69 percent of Americans said contemplating our nation’s future causes them stress, a significant increase from 2017.

And stress takes its toll on our bodies: It can increase our risk of heart attacks, wreak havoc on our digestion, inhibit our sex drives and weaken our immune systems. No wonder stress-reducing food is a growing category. Mintel, the global research firm, included such foods in its 2018 trend predictions.

“We want simple solutions to complex problems,” said Drew Ramsey, psychiatrist and author of “Eat to Beat Depression.”  “So the idea that your anxiety could be controlled by a formulated beverage with vitamins or minerals, or a CBD-infused coconut oil” may be appealing to people looking for a quick fix.

Instead of scarfing chips, the future of stress-eating might mean popping a couple of Good Day Chocolate’s Calm Supplement, infused with the amino acid L-Theanine and camomile flower. You could spike your coffee with Spirit Dust, a mix of goji berry powder, reishi mushroom extract and ashwagandha root to “expand peaceful awareness and align you with bliss.”

Or pop some CBD gummy bears from Sunday Scaries, named after a meme about the dread of anticipating a week of work or school. Wash it down with Zenify, a carbonated drink that contains L-Theanine and the neurotransmitter GABA. Somewhere on the label for all of these products is the fine print: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.”

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