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XTRACTMOR Extraction for Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries @Wefunder.


Using shockwave technology to increase efficiency for breweries and distilleries

“We use patented technology to increase extraction for breweries, distilleries and wineries. By using shockwave technology, we’re able to extract more flavor from less ingredients. That means we can help brewers save up to 50% on their ingredients and speed up aging time for distilled spirits like whisky.”

Douglas G Mancosky


The craft market for beers, spirits and wines is growing fast. And each establishment needs a cost-effective way to not only produce their fan-favorite craft products, but a way to experiment with new flavors and techniques. Xtractmor technology helps these craft establishments save money, space, and gives them the ability to grow their brand with experimentation.


~We sell technology to the exciting and expanding craft beer industry.
~Our technology is already operating in prominent breweries.
~There are 5,000+ breweries in the USA alone and beer has proven to be relatively recession-proof.
~Our technology is disruptive and saves customers money with a typically 6-12 month payback.
~Breweries can realize significant savings on hops, one of their most expensive ingredients, through better extraction.
~Distilleries can accelerate aging to sell dark/brown spirit immediately rather than waiting for years.
~Beers processed with our technology have won awards.
~Our technology is patented proven from decades of operation in other industries.

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