Volume has picked up considerably with 700,000 shares trading on each of the past two days, versus only 70,000 on 4/12/19, a ten-fold increase!

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While we have been following Tinley for a couple of years, we spent the past month studying the Tinley Beverage Co. ($TNYBF $0.56 and $TNY $0.76) with greater vigor, and during the past couple of weeks, we liked what we found so much we signed them as a client.

We can officially call this our favorite THC infused beverage Company. As in #1, numero uno!

Our initial impression was that it was a newly launching brand which was infusing THC into cocktail inspired flavors. Then with a little detective work, we learned that they not only have desires to have their own line-up, but also to bottle for others.

May the force be with us, with them and with all shareholders. This can be a very big winner if they execute well on their very ambitious plans to be the place to go – to launch a new Cannabis infused beverage. What’s called a contract bottler or co-packer.

In addition, our opinion is that their interest in contract bottling is NOT widely known on Wall Street and there is an opportunity for aggressive investors to establish a meaningful stake in the Company before it is widely known.

We notice that very recently, they released a new power-point presentation which goes into detail. So the cat is out of the proverbial bag.

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We read all the past press releases and regulatory filings and did not find any ‘large announcements’ of their interest to be a contract bottler. One could infer their interest by knowing they are building a ‘Phase III’ bottling plant capable of bottling 13 million bottles. And one could further infer by wondering why Mark Benabida joined Tinley in May of 2018 – who was previously the CEO of Cott Corp (NYSE: COT) a billion Canadian giant.

Companies (both public and private) looking to get into the cannabis beverage business can be: start-ups with no experience but a with well-funded dream, start-ups with experience (say a retired Senior Exec from Monster), established Companies in the alcohol industry be it Spirits, Beer or Wine (and small or mega-large) Companies offering non-alcohol beverages (energy, vitamin) and of course – Marijuana Companies, many which as we all know – are extremely well funded and willing to experiment.

Another consideration would be any of the established Companies starting an entirely new brand, so not as to disturb a current brands image and marketing, or infusing a current brand – like Red Bull launching Green Bull!

This is just a heads-up, as interest in Tinley’s shares can develop quickly as the charts below depicts. Volume shot up into the millions in late 2017 and early 2018 – and this was before that had a completed a bottling plant.

Late 2017 Trading

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