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Spectacular Whiskey Sales at James FC Hyde.


Feb 3, 2019

Last April we published a Wefunder Update stating 2018 case volume had exceeded full year 2017 case volume.  We noted at the time:

“the numbers aren’t big yet (full year 2017 was 180 cases; 2018 volume to date is 183), but the path toward big numbers – which will drive our future valuation – is achieving and sustaining an exponential sales 
growth rate.  
We, as a management team, are acutely aware that sales growth is our “Holy Grail” and are focused like a laser beam on putting James FC Hyde Sorgho Whiskey on a “hockey stick” growth trajectory.

With 2018 volume exceeding 2017 full year volume in April, it’s fair to say we have achieved our desired “hockey stick” trajectory.”

So here we are, some ten months later looking back, with 2018 case volume nearly tripling 2017, and we think it’s fair for us to say we are “sustaining an exponential sales growth rate“, and to repeat the identical closing sentence, “Next challenge is maintaining that trajectory.  Stay tuned.”