KetonX™ Keto Health Drink, Now CBD Powered!


Report Update, Grossly Undervalued, Turnaround Underway.

  • New Management. Turnaround in Motion, Slashing Costs.
  • Reported Largest Monthly Revenue Growth Since 2015 in November.
  • Gross Margins Surge to 83%.
  • Share Price Remains Near All Time Low.
  • Huge Success with Newly Launched KetonX™, Weight Loss Drink.
  • Market Value of $3.6 Million vs. $11.6 Million in Sales (Trailing 12 Month).
  • Shares Appear Ready for Major Upward Bounce.

The new Sheriff in town, Joe Jensen CEO is rapidly transforming this once high-flyer back to the respect and reputation it earned a short three years ago, when the share price traded near $2.00. In our opinion, the turnaround which is firmly underway when combined with its low share price and count, could result in a powerful snap-back in the stock, as further progress is reported.

In Our Opinion, the ForeverGreen Turnaround Is Well Underway.

In early December, the Company citing the success in it’s KetonX™ health drink directed to the massive marketplace of KetonX™ diet fans, reported that October sales were up 7% from September and that November sales were up 14% from October.

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