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Jameson (Pernod Ricard – PDRDF) Has Created an Irish Whiskey Aged in IPA Beer Barrels.


Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition

Having previously swapped stout barrels with our friends at Franciscan Well Brewery in 2013, we couldn’t wait to try a new beer mate with our casks. After careful exploration, we had a hunch that a zesty Irish Pale Ale would be the perfect partner.

So we loaned barrels to our brewery neighbours to make a Jameson Seasoned IPA, and the beer soaked barrels returned to the distillery full of new crisp, hoppy notes. The barrels were re-filled with Jameson and the wait began.

Our signature smoothness was still there, but rubbing shoulders with IPA introduced light hints of hops, fresh citrus and floral notes.

Nose: Floral, herbal hops, grapefruit citrus notes with subtle orchard fruits, complemented by wood shavings and a little nuttiness.

Taste: Hops and light citrus with sweet herbal notes and delicate spicy tones.

Finish: The lingering fresh fruit and hops give way to grains of barley and a signature smooth finish.

Available to buy or taste in O’Briens stores nationwide, at selected On-Trade partners in Dublin & Cork as well as the Jameson Distillery Bow Street and the Midleton Distillery.