Tinley Beverage ($TNYBF $TNY) CA President Rick Gillis Highlights Some of the Differences Between Edibles and Beverages.

From Equity Guru:

Cannabis beverages affect the body in a different way than edibles do.

On average, a pot brownie takes about 45-minutes to kick in, because it’s processed by the body in a different way than a beverage. Both go straight to the liver, but edibles take a detour through the digestive tract. Cannabis-infused beverages act just like alcohol, arriving at the liver faster and then entering the bloodstream.

Tinley anticipates that the onset time for their beverages is roughly five minutes and an off-set time close to two hours. That means that someone could theoretically come home from work and have a few of Tinley’s beverages after dinner, get a nice microdose buzz from 10 milligrams of THC, and be completely sober in time for bed.

The price of their single serve beverages sits between US$3-US$4 per bottle and their multi-serve drinks are US$15-US$17.

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