Alex Jay – Juice Press


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Juice Press

Juice Press is on a mission to create the most trusted nutrition and wellness brand on the planet. Founded in 2010 with the vision of bringing a healthier, more transparent lifestyle platform to the market, we offer an expansive USDA organic product line as well as a variety of lifestyle resources.

In seven short years, Juice Press has opened more than 70+ retail stores and is now recognized as THE premiere organic “grab and go” health food provider. Juice Press produces an unparalleled selection of organic, plant-based products and combines them with a short shelf-life to deliver customers a variety of fresh, nutrient-dense products. Transparency, integrity, and community define Juice Press, and as we expand, the company will ensure that these ideals remain at the heart of our brand. We believe we have found a universally loved approach to providing an amazing product lineup and access to knowledge and information about the lifestyle we promote.

Alex Jay tells us how she balances her busy lifestyle as a model with One.1 Management and a nutrition expert at Juice Press, all while connecting with people through her new blog, GLOW by Alex Jay.

Her dedication to her work puts an enthusiastic spin on living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life!

BWB: How do you combine your careers at Juice Press, as a model and health coach?
Modeling came first to me, I started in L.A., mecca of health and fitness, so naturally I gravitated to a very outdoor, healthy lifestyle.
I started working at Juliano’s in Santa Monica and became immersed in the raw food lifestyle. Customers would start asking me about what I was eating and drinking, and for advice in their own life for health and beauty.
At that point I decided to go study nutrition at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). It worked out perfect because a large portion of it is online, so I spent the year in Europe modeling and studying. I would go to every health food store and look up anything similar to a L.A. juice bar in whichever country I was in. Naturally, I started cooking and explaining to the girls in the model apartments a healthy way to eat without worrying about calories, and emphasizing its about the quality of the food and what you are eating. When, I came back from Europe, I visited the Juice Press on 10th street and Ave. A in N.Y. I was so impressed that I knew I wanted to work for this company. At this point I was working with clients on 6 month programs and modeling in the city. I pursued working at Juice Press and my role has grown in the past 2 years as the Director of Corporate sales and in-house Nutrition Expert. Surprisingly, all three of my careers work nicely together. I am able to support and work with so many people through Juice Press, I go to corporations and talk to whole offices about eating healthy and keeping out processed foods. And in between those I am either in a store talking with customers or jumping to and from castings. It is the best when I am at job and models or the team are drinking or eating Juice Press. However, with that being said, my days are jam-packed between Juice Press and modeling. I work 6-7 days a week; but because I am so passionate about both, it never feels like work.

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