Thameside Rum Raising £10,000 @CrowdfunderUK


Let’s Help the Little Guy! He’s only raising $13,000USD and he’s halfway there.

“If we fail to reach our target, our dream of starting a craft rum revolution in the UK will not be realised and all pledges will be returned.” They have until APRIL 1st 2019.

We need to raise £10,000 to get Thameside Rum Company up and running.

Our first rum recipe is finalised and our bottles, labels and fulfillment are all set up & ready to go. All we need now is a little extra funding which will contribute towards purchasing our first batch of rum.

If we succeed and meet our target, bottles of our first batch of rum, which you will have helped to fund, will be sent out at the end of April

Rewards are only available to over 18s. All rewards include postage and packagingbut unfortunately we can only accommodate deliveries to mainland UK.

If we fail to reach our target, our dream of starting a craft rum revolution in the UK will not be realised and all pledges will be returned.

Thameside Rum Company is a British based spirits company specialising in producing unique blends of aged Caribbean rum inspired by the traditional English style rums that were imported, blended and stored in British dockyards dating back to the 18th Century.

We combine the craft of traditional Caribbean rum production with the heritage of blending these rums in the dockyards along the River Thames to create unique great tasting rum blends. We work with some of the oldest and most prestigious distilleries in the Caribbean in order to support the future of traditional authentic rum production.

Our mission is to change consumers’ perception of rum and kick start a craft rum revolution here in the UK by championing authentic ‘Cane-to-Cask’ rum production

Our Cane to Cask philosophy is one centered around Authenticity, Integrity & Transparency.

Unlike many of the larger brands dominating the UK market we don’t hide behind elaborate tales of pirates, captains or sea monsters…we let our rum do the talking! We pride ourselves on only ever using the best rums in our blends made from scratch from sugar cane molasses using authentic rum production methods. 

We also disregard the commonly accepted practices of some of the larger rum producers who often add colouring to their rum to give the appearance of aging and also add sugar and flavouring to ‘smooth’ out the harshness of their large scale manufactured industrial distillate. We never compromise on quality and don’t cut corners, which is why our blends never contain added sugar, flavourings or colourings.

Finally we are 100% transparent about what goes into our blends and the process by which each rum is made, including accurate age statements for each individual rum. The colour you see in our blends comes from the rums interaction with the wooden casks as it ages over many years so what you seen in the bottle is real rum from ‘Cane to Cask’.

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