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Report Update: Life On Earth (LFER) Leaps 62% on Friday. Breakout Time?


We not a fan of terms like explode (they’re incendiary) so we’ll settle for Leaped and say it’s Miller Time! Updated Report.

After Tripling in Price in 2017 – Life on Earth Share Price Consolidated for a Year and is Poised for an Exciting 2019, as it Begins to Actively Market and Distribute Two High-Potential Brands. While Continued Volatility is Expected, the Sub $0.30 Days May be Long Gone.

Click here for Updated Report.

Don’t forget this news of two major Beverage Industry heavy hitters joining the advisory board.

William Hayde, of Legendary NY Based Beverage Merchant Bank IBC, Joins Board.

Isn’t this a great name. Admit it, you know we’re right!