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How Water Changes the Taste of Your Booze. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know! (American Distilling Institute)


Good Libations

Good Libations™ is all about water, specifically the proofing water.

Working with our customers, craft distillers, we have found pairing the right water with the right spirit can optimize the unique characteristics of distilled spirits. Our research has discovered relationships between naturally occurring organic compounds found in water and the interactions with elements contained in distilled spirits.

Good Libations™ creates organic compound formulas used to optimize the proofing water for your distilled spirits, significantly enhancing the spirits attributes that includes: 

• Color
• Aroma
• Taste 
• Smoothness

Founded in 2016, Good Libations™ licensed patent pending food sciences technology developed at the University of Minnesota for optimizing distilled spirits. Our technology doesn’t utilize flavors, sugars or colors or change any part of the distillation process. We focus on optimizing the water our distillers use to proof their spirits – the last step prior to bottling.

For our customers, it is no longer sufficient to just have a craft spirit, they are looking to have a great tasting spirit that delights their customers. Good Libations™ has successfully demonstrated our ability to work with distillers to create a great tasting spirit!

Skeptical? Our customers have stated: “this can’t be true” until they taste the difference! If you are willing, we will conduct a taste test using your distilled spirit to demonstrate our capabilities, FOR FREE.

Tasting is worth a 1000 words – contact us today if you want to taste the difference.

We look forward to working with you!

CLICK HERE if you would like us to produce up to 3 samples to demonstrate our ability to enhance your spirit – FOR FREE

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“There is only one proof of ability – action” Marie von Ebner Eschenbach

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