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What the Heck is Going on With Bebida Beverage Co (BBDA)?


What the heck is going on with Strategic Asset Leasing Inc (LEAS) and Bebida Beverage Co (BBDA)? (OTCMarketsResearch)

Bebida Beverage Co (BBDA)

Bebida Beverage Co (BBDA) became an abandoned entity in early 2016.  

After failing to file its 2016, 2017, and 2018 annual reports, the entity was administratively dissolved by the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Since going dark in early 2016, BBDA has been trading almost exclusively at $.0001/share with only nominal volume on most days.

BBDA saw some notable unusually high volume on February 25, 2019 with over 118 million shares traded out of the blue mostly at $.0001/share (the first of the front loading).

After four quiet days of trading, the front loading started back up again on March 4, 2019.   On March 4th, BBDA saw over 480 million shares traded mostly at $.0002 – $.0003.  The massive volume kicked off a big pump on BBDA even though there was no notable event for anybody to be excited about yet.  

On March 5th, still with no true catalyst, BBDA saw over 520 million shares traded pushing the price up to $.0015/share. 

On March 7th the catalyst finally came.  Bebida Beverage Co was reinstated at the Wyoming Secretary of State by somebody named James McCallister through the creation of a new entity named Bebida Beverage Co that replaced the old one which was dissolved the the SOS.  

The reinstatement filing finally hitting for BBDA helped the stock price peak at $.0016/share on the day.  On Friday, March 8th, the stock price closed at $.001/share.  The stock has been struggling to maintain its gains as it new buyers battle with the front loaders that bought in from the $.0001 – $.0003 range.

On the same day that BBDA was reinstated at the Wyoming SOS, a new “coming soon” webpage was launched for the Issuer at bebidabevco.com and a new twitter page was created at @BebidaBevCo.

The bebidabevco.com domain had just been registered on March 6, 2019 using a private proxy.

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