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There’s A Huge Market For Drinks That Help People Relax And Focus.

Just Chill (Symbol: LFER) is one of the top companies in the relaxation drink market.

Sales of relaxation drinks are booming.

The drinks, which contain active ingredients like melatonin or l-theanine, have become popular because they are more of a novelty than caffeinated beverages like Monster Energy or Red Bull, according to a recent report by IBISWorld.

Popular brands carried in convenience stores include Just Chill (Life On Earth Symbol: LFER), Marley Beverage Company (New Age Beverages Symbol: NBEV), and Dream Water (Harvest Once Symbol; HVT).

The products are advertised as sleep, work, and study aids.

There are more than 450 relaxation drinks on the market today. According to IBISWorld, that number could double in the next 10 years.

The relaxation drink industry is currently worth $152.9 million.

“More than 70 million Americans that have trouble sleeping,” writes report author Will McKitterick. “Furthermore, the market extends beyond those who can’t sleep to those who have trouble focusing.”

While the industry is booming, many retail stores do not yet carry such beverages.

relaxation beverages map
Right now, relaxation drinks are primarily popular in Western states and Texas. IBISWorld

The relaxation drinks could be a good investment for Coca-Cola and Pepsi as consumers move away from traditional soda, McKitterick writes.

“Big brand backing and consolidation would give relaxation drinks an advantage in terms of distribution range and marketing power, not only on a national but also international scale,” he says.

Dream Water in particular has excelled, and is now available in Wal-Mart and Walgreens stores.

Just Chill is primarily available at organic grocers, including Whole Foods.