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Generates Nearly More Revenues in Last Three Months, Than the First Three Years Combined.

WTER Annual Revenues 

$552 thousand- 2014 
$3.7 million – 2015 
$7.0 million – 2016 
$12.7 million – 2017 
$19.8 million – 2018 
$32.2 million – 2019 

First Quarter sales $10.2 million from a single product line and they are just now rolling out flavored water – to a market which already knows and loves their plain water. Can it get any better?

Don’t believe a start-up beverage company with a single product line can grow from $500,000 in sales for an entire year, to over $40 Million in 5 Years with minimal advertising?

It’s rare but it can happen and it is happening at the Alkaline Water Company. Simply amazing.

Read it here in the 10Q just released.

Without dissecting the reasons for that type of growth at any start-up beverage company – just know if consumers truly love a product in its initial test market (say Arizona as an example), odds are good that they’ll love it in CA, and Illinois, and NY and FL and then nationally. While odds of any new beverage hitting $10 million in annual sales are slim, the ‘like it here, like it everywhere’ dynamics of the beverage business is what appeals to us the most in this industry.

Alkaline Water Article Archive.

What’s interesting about the Alkaline Water Co., is while most start-ups begin their journey at small mom-n-pops and then hope to land a national chain, Alkaline88 could be bought at the big chains early on and is just now spreading to the 1000’s and 1000’s mom-n-pops*.

In the last six months, they landed in 4,000 new retail locations. They are now up to $100,000 in sales per day, day in and day out. They are now selling more water in just 5 days than they sold in all of their first year of business. This is a true Horatio Alger type success story. An example of David vs. Goliath – that succeded against all odds.

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*150,000 stores to be exact. Distributors Crossmark approaches 90,000 stores (think 50+ store chains) while EA Berg knocks on the doors of 60,000 stores comprised of smaller operators.