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The 2017 Spirit Growth Brands: The Top Bottles And Trends (BIIG)


The Beverage Information & Insights Group

With hundreds of new product introductions hitting the market each year, how can members of the trade make sense of which products to stock, which to drop and which to watch? This year’s list of 136 Growth Brands in wine and spirits are a good place to start (wine winners were posted last week), as these brands have all managed to stand out in a crowded industry and attract consumers’ attention.

The Beverage Information & Insights Group (Beverage Dynamics’ parent company) determined this year’s winners using the following criteria, based on brands’ projected case sales for the 2016 calendar year:

  • Rising Stars are less than five years old and have exhibited growth during each year of their existence, reaching at least 20,000 nine-liter cases sold in 2016.
  • Fast Track Brands have exceeded 100,000 nine-liter cases, with double-digit growth in each of the last four years. All Fast Track Brands are at least five years old.
  • Established Growth Brands are top sellers in their category, moving a minimum of 400,000 nine-liter cases in 2016. They have each grown in sales over each of the past four years.

Comeback Brands are previous winners that have rebounded in sales to at least their previous winning level, following a recent decline.

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