PieShell a Crowdfund Site, Crowdfunds itself @SeedInvest


What is PieShell?


PieShell’s goal is to embolden and empower food and beverage entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to bring new ideas to life. We are a crowdfunding platform – for anything food and beverage. Food products, beverages, breweries, coffee shops, food tech solutions, tech apps, food trucks, cookbooks, pop-ups, restaurants, documentaries — the sky’s the limit.

Food campaigns are failing 75% of the time on the current platforms*. Here is how we are fixing that:

  1. PieShell’s food-centric community delivers an undiluted pool of supporters to each project. They understand you and why you have chosen food and beverage as your path.
  2. PieShell’s stepping-stone model lets you set realistic and obtainable goals: your critical need, your want, and your dream. As soon as a stepping-stone’s goal is met, you are guaranteed to receive those funds when the project is over.
  3. All projects must follow PieShell’s pre-launch step-by-step blueprint. Based on the industry’s best practices, this incubation approach ensures each project has all the necessary elements (for example, video, social media, gifts, etc.) in place before the project launches.

*Based on Kickstarter statistics – https://www.kickstarter.com/help/stats


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