Oh Geez. Tequila and Vodka in a Box (Vinepair).


Constellation Brands (STZ)

Boxed wine has long been lauded as an easy, inexpensive way to get loaded. People love it so much, they turn it into their boyfriends. But when Black Box Wines came along, it brought booze in a bag to a more sophisticated place for wine drinkers, and we appreciate that.

Now, Black Box (Constellation:STZ) is offering a new development that we’re pretty excited about: Black Box Premium Spirits, a line of boxed liquor including whiskeytequila, and vodka.

This is no boxed Fireball. Black Box Wines is trusted for its fair prices and quality, having earned more than 50 gold medals for its wines nationwide, reports Esquire. Black Box Whiskey, Black Box Vodka, and Black Box Tequila are expected to be quality spirits, akin to its wines.

Black Box Whiskey is aged six years and matured in American oak; Black Box Vodka is triple distilled and five times filtered; and Black Box Tequila Silver is, supposedly, small batch distilled and made with fine blue agave.

Black Box Whiskey, Black Box Vodka, and Black Box Tequila are currently available in Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

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