Is Sex Better After Marijuana or a Pitcher of Vodka Lemonade?


Study: Having Sex While High Is More Enjoyable Than While Drunk (FreshToast) and 9 Other Articles From CNN to Forbes.

It’s crazy this is still a question.

As legal marijuana sweeps across the nation more researchers are taking an interest in the plant’s effects, including those that aren’t medicinal. That seems to be the case for a group of scientists from New York University, who, like most people, were interested in the effect marijuana has on sex.

The study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, investigated whether or not there was a connection between marijuana use and unsafe sexual practices. Researchers acquired a sample of 24 participants via Craigslist, who claimed to have had sex while high at some point during the past three months.

These people were of different ages and genders and were asked questions that focused on the differences between having sex after consuming marijuana and after drinking alcohol.

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The responses varied greatly from person to person but there were some general similarities, with many reporting that marijuana and alcohol definitely had an influence over who they ended up having sex with. For most participants, alcohol’s impact was more negative than marijuana’s.

“With weed I know who I’m waking up with. With drinking, you don’t know. Once you start drinking, everybody looks good,” said one 34-year-old woman.


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Another participant said that there were clear differences between alcohol and marijuana, with the former numbing your body and the latter heightening your overall sexual experience: “Any little touch is more arousing. The body sensations, particularly on sexual organs—it’s more of an intense sensation.

When it comes to orgasms and their relationship to marijuana, responses were also varied. One participant said that her orgasms were “magnified at least by five times,” while others reported that they couldn’t achieve an orgasm after consuming marijuana because it made them feel unfocused.

Although the study was too small to draw decisive conclusions, it’s an interesting first step that shows that marijuana does have an influence on sex, and that it tends to be a positive one.Like what you see? Subscribe to our Editor’s Choice Newsletter and get the best of The Fresh Toast, chosen by our Editor-In-Chief, delivered right to your inbox!

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