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Contaminated Drinking Water in 43 states

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Never gave much thought to this, we drink Alkaline88 every day and Bucha once a week because they are clients and simply because they genuinely taste good and are very clean (no pun intended). But now we’re never going back to tap water. Not at home, not on the boat and never in our ice cubes!

A new report by the non-profit Environmental Working Group and Northeastern University finds people in nearly every state in the country are exposed to unhealthy drinking water. According to the researchers, 43 states have locations, including drinking water sites, contaminated with PFAS chemicals. The CDC says these chemicals have been linked to health issues that include birth defects, cancers and infertility. 

“These chemicals can impact a lot of different health systems, cause numerous health problems, everything from testicular and kidney cancer, heart to the liver, heart to the thyroid,” Andrews said, adding that the chemicals can also impact childhood development, low birth weight and immune system health. 

Full article with video on CBS.comFull article with video on CBS.com

In a few short years later, Alkaline88® has grown from a startup to a nationwide success sold in retail locations across all 50 states. Amid this exciting growth, they’re proud to still be a close-knit team that operates out of the same city where it all started (Scottsdale, Arizona) and partners with American, family-owned businesses, such as CForce Bottling Co., run by the one and only Chuck Norris.

Their team is looking forward to helping people across the country (and someday the world!) say #HelloHydration!

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