And It’s Free To Earn.

Bryce Distillery absinthe is some of the best available on the US market, created from a mix of French and Swiss tradition with some American ingenuity. We don’t use any coloring, flavoring, or oils in our products. Both our absinthe products are made with a neutral spirit base from Dry Hills Distillery, which is infused and distilled with whole herbs.

Our products are created with sustainability in mind, and our crowdfunding campaign aims to help us produce on a large scale while re-using and re-purposing our byproducts, which include water, heat, and organic matter.

Our Blanche is called Frosted Fairy and our Verte, Anonymous. Click on the links to learn more!

We Infuse Our Spirits With Soul.

At Bryce Distillery, we’re into the adventurous lifestyle, wherever it may take us. Anywhere we can find inspiration for new recipes, we’ll meet the locals and learn everything there is to know. Then perfect it, put some soul in it, and bring it back to you.


We created Boozecoin (symbol: BOOZE) on the BitShares network.

You can send it back and forth, try to buy and sell it on the exchange, and we may end up having some use for it in the future of Bryce Distillery, but right now there is none of that. That’s right, BOOZECOIN is literally useless and has zero value! So send it to your friends liberally, or HODL in anticipation of some value to come. We don’t mind either way.


We don’t know. There are some fun things you can do with coins on the BitShares network. Use tokens as reward points or passes to exclusive events, create voting weight in the company, track payroll, increase transparency of environmental efficiency to the public, reduce friction in the supply chain, and many more things. With a successful crowdfunding campaign, we will be able to staff a development team to work on some of these possibilities.


Connecting with us is the best way to be the first to hear about BOOZECOIN giveaways! Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and connect with us on our most active channels: Facebook and Instagram. @brycedistillery everywhere.

(100,000 BOOZECOIN giveaway has ended, but we will still send BOOZE to people who help us out on social media, or come up with fun, creative ideas, or any number of ways. Keep spreading the BOOZE news!)

Connect on a Human Level

Social media doesn’t seem to be accomplishing what we want it to: creating progress and human connection. It’s a good place to speak our ideas, but when does something come from them? Bryce Distillery offers absinthe as a vehicle with which to create real person-to-person intentional conversation on the subjects that really matter to them. The tasting room space (artist rendition pictured here) will be set aside for reservations in order to bring groups together with purpose, motivation, and creativity. Here are some of the events you can expect at the tasting room: murder mystery parties, breakout rooms, live jazz (we have a piano in house!), and the ability to reserve the room for private events.

Multi-Blockchain Asset Support

Bryce Distillery supports use of multiple cryptocurrencies.
One of our side projects is developing BOOZECOIN, a token that can be used in a reward-point manner at the distillery and our future online store. Some of our crowdfunding proceeds will put distillery operations onto a blockchain-based system.
Valueless tokens have been created for Bryce Distillery, and will be distributed to crowdfunding backers as a piece of digital memorabilia that may one day be worth a small something.