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Adding New Age Beverages (NBEV) $3.50 to Focus List (BeverageStockReview.com).

$NBEV, nbev

We have been watching NBEV from the sidelines for a considerable amount of time (2016), monitoring acquisition progress and current brand portfolio performance.

On Thursday the shares were trading at approximately $5.00 a share. On Friday they announced they raised a rather amazing $45 million at $3.50 sending the stock to – you guessed it $3.50.

Not great for month earlier investors, but potentially a great entry point for those sitting on the sidelines.

We’re time stamping the date and price of our interest today for potential future bragging rights. The future has never looked brighter in our opinion.

We view New Age (NBEV) as an incubator of high-potential up and coming brands.

So the story here isn’t just the current portfolio and/or potential of the CBD infused future portfolio. The full story is they are now in the best position they have ever been to find and later market additional brand acquisitions.

If we had a small up and coming beverage brand and we wanted to sell in exchange for an equity position, we would choose a small cap company over Coke (KO) or Dr Pepper (KDP).

Past client, we originally initiated coverage in February of 2015.

Initiating Coverage On American Brewing (ABRW) $0.36.


In May of 2016, we amazingly predicted it could run if Wall Street began to look at it as an acquirer vs an acquiree and they would attract an investment banker to fund their acquisitions. Done and Done!

American Brewing (ABRW) Announces Merger $0.95.


A new report is coming in addition to a report on a current client, the Alkaline Water Company (OTCQB:WTER). We’re also compiling a list of additional CBD plays including a list of names that “may” (using our crystal shiny ball) announce interest in CBD. So instead of chasing where the puck is going, we’ll be anticipating where it’s going.

Will post notification on this same page.

Disclosure: I am/we are long WTER.

Additional disclosure: See detailed disclaimer information on WTER report when created and distributed.