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Avoiding the Traps That Kill Deals in CPG with the Giannuzzi Group

Finding Out What's Wrong With You Company After You Enter Acquisition Negotiations. Frightening! From Harvard University to New York University School of Law to a chic...

Faces Sell Cases. Vanessa Walker, VP Marketing @ Celsius (CELH) $4.18.

"While Millennial research shows they would rather spend money on experiences vs. things, they largely live in the digital world. If you want to...

Celsius (CELH) $4.18, 2nd Quarter Press Release.

Record Revenue from Domestic Sales up 29%; Expands Placements with New Retailers and Continues Strong Growth in Existing Accounts; Timing Shifts Sales from Second...

Celsius (CELH) $4.18, 2Q Conference Call. Adding to Focus List.

Adding to Focus List, Along With Few Others. A short while back, Celsius Holdings, Inc. reported disappointing Q2 results that surprised most, if not all,...

Cuban Style Rum From Don Pancho, Castro’s Former Minister of Rum @Wefunder

Superior Rum Made by Legendary Experience. We make rum that's distilled by legendary rum maker Don Pancho Fernandez, the former Cuban minister of rum for...

District Brewing in Las Vegas @Wefunder.

Las Vegas Microbrewery Specializing in Small Batch and Barrel-Aged Beer. While the Las Vegas Valley has two million locals and 40 million annual visitors, there...

Beverage Industry Titan Brian Sudano Set to Join Alkaline Water Co., (WTER) $1.70.

The Alkaline Water Company Inc. Nominates Brian Sudano of Beverage Marketing Corp. to its Board of Directors. “Alkaline88 is a tremendous growth story. The Company...

Triple Threat Energy Shot will change the energy shot market.

Triple Threat Energy Shot- Energy Weightloss Formula with L-Carnitine, Chromium Picolinate, L-Arginine, Yerbamate, 12/ 2oz Bottles. Buy on Amazon Peaches and Cream’s Triple Threat Energy Shot...

Skinny Girl Sold for $100 Million.

When Bethenny Frankel was cast on 'Real Housewives of New York,' she had $8,000 to her name (BusinessInsider). Bethenny Frankel is the CEO of Skinnygirl,...
JMBA merger,

Jamba Juice (JMBA) $13. Acquired, Finally.

Focus Brands and Jamba Juice (JMBA) Announce Definitive Merger Agreement, Activist can be relentless, as we found out on Thursday when Roark Capital Group's Focus Brands acquired...


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